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The main image for a LinkedIn company profile needs to be exactly 646 x 220px. While they offer the ability to crop, it's still primitive. Control your image in Photoshop!

Standard Logo

The LinkedIn standard logo measures 100 x 60px. Make sure to center the logo and tweak pixels in Photoshop to ensure a clear, crisp logo - NEVER STRETCH YOUR LOGO to fit.

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The square logo for LinkedIn may require even more pixel pushing, when you shrink your logo to 50 x 50px. Do not let LinkedIn resize it - it'll look lousy. If you need help with this, ask us!

A Little History

Originally established as Actors’ Inequity, it became apparent that there are few resources that support theatre marketing efforts.  While we'll eventually add pages to this site, our current focus is on sparking discussions among theatre marketers via Facebook and Twitter.

As we find more support and funding, we will add resources to this site - check back often!

What's in a Name?

Shakespeare’s forth folio was published in 1685.  This collection of Shakespeare’s work is viewed as one of the ultimate collections of the English language.   Fifth Folio believes it is time to develop one more resource for theatres:  a tome focused on those who promote small- to medium-sized theatres.

Theater Marketing Topics

Here is a brief list of the theatre marketing topics we cover. If you are interested in show promotion, show marketing, theater branding or theater positioning, join in!

- Know your audience
- Demographics
- Your board of directors
- Volunteers
- Web site (SEO, improvements)
- Social media
- Branding and positioning
- Promotional materials
- Mass media (broadcast and print)
- Email and Direct mail
- Public relations
- Your theatre's marketing plan

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